Jeudi 5 mai 2011
Conférenciers Thèmes      
Michel Garrabé  (Professeur d'Economie - Université Montpellier 1 - France) Welcome address     Video 

Robert Habib  (Directeur du département Persyst - CIRAD - France)

Véronique Bellon-Maurel   (plate-forme Ecotech LR, SupAgro/ Cemagref/ ELSA - France)

Societal call for assessment of the social impacts of products.Investment of the Montpellier’s laboratories in social LCA. Discours d'Ouverture  Diaporama 



Catherine Macombe (Cemagref/ ELSA - France) Seminar presentation: The different approaches of social LCA. Résumé  Diaporama  Video 

Catherine Brodeur  (AGECO - Canada)

Mario Laquerre  (Recyc - Canada)

The use of SLCA in the elaboration of an extended producer responsability policy: testing end of life scenarios for computer products in Quebec Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Deana Aulisio  (University of New Hampshire - USA) Application of the Social Hotspot Database to the Orange Juice suppy chain: a methodolgoy for social scoping of consumer products Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Andreas Jorgensen  (DTU - Denmark) Exploring the effect of 3 different SLCA methodologies. Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Louise Camilla Dreyer  (DTU - Denmark) A site specific approach of life cycle management of labour rights issues. Résumé  Diaporama  Video 

Pauline Feschet  (CIRAD UR26/ELSA – France) 

Adolfo Rolo Saez  (CIRAD UR26 - France)

The pathway « Preston » linking economic activity and population health. The Cameroon case (Banana industry). Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Vendredi 6 mai 2011
Conférenciers Thèmes      
Claudia Reitinger  (HumTec - Aachen - Germany) Proposals for social impact categories from a philosophical perspective Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Syndhia Mathé  (University of Montpellier 1- France) Integrating participatory approaches in social LCA. What about functional unit and impacts? Fish farming cases. Résumé  Diaporama  Video 

Vincent Lagarde  (Limoges University - France)

Catherine Macombe  (Cemagref/ELSA - France)

Taking into account the social effects of competition between products. Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Pekka Leskinen  (Syke - Finland) Analyzing tradeoffs between social and other dimensions of sustainability in LCA Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
Katja Lähtinen  (Syke - Finland) Empirical assessment of socio-cultural sustainability in LCA Résumé  Diaporama  Video 
All participants  Plenary debate     Video 

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