Pre-proceedings - 4th International Seminar in Social LCA

Since assessing the social effects associated with the life cycles of products and services first entered the research agenda, two complementary approaches have been developed. The first seeks to explore the social aspects of the behaviour of the companies involved in the life cycle, in order to help them to meet certain standards. The objective of the second approach is to anticipate the social consequences of changes to be brought about in life cycles. By analogy with eco-innovation, the latter case may be called «socio-innovation».Should these two approaches concern different decision-makers? Should the context dictate the approach to be implemented? These hypotheses need to be explored.The 4th International Seminar in Social LCA provide a forum for communicating and discussing recent progress both in evaluating the social behaviour of companies and in assessing the social consequences of changes (whether caused by environmental, social or other concerns).These pre-proceedings bring together all the contributions received following on from the Call. Presentations and debates on

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